World Handicrafts Day

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10th of June is the world handicrafts day. This day belongs to the romantic creations which their value is such that they cannot be priced.

The handicrafts and the applied Arts is one of the attractive ways for tribes recognizing. Because these works are created from the depths of culture and beliefs.

The first global congress was held on June 10, 1964 in New York because the developed countries paid attention to the handicrafts with Artistic and cultural approach after the World War II. A number of university’s professors, artists and industrialist from 40 countries participated in this congress. Iran joined the council at 1968 too and began its activity In the Asia-Pacific Forum.

Iran offered a day for handicrafts at 2010 in the assembly and 10th of June determined as a day for handicraft in the council. The handicraft world council agreed with this suggestion and 10th June named as handicraft world day or WHD.

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