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Classic Persia Iternary

Day 01

Shiraz (Arrival)

Meet and greet at the Airport with our professional guide then, transfer to hotel. After a quick refreshment visiting: • Shah e Cheragh Holy shrine (To Pray and Visit the shah cheragh complex (Shāh Chérāgh is a funerary monument and mosque in Shiraz, Iran, housing the tomb of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad, sons of Mūsā al-Kādhimand brothers of ‘Alī ar-Ridhā) • Tomb of Haft Tanan (that reason for naming it is hafttanan,there are seven graves of seven mystics) • Tomb of Hafez (The Tomb of Hafez and its associated memorial hall, the Hāfezieh, are two memorial structures erected in the northern edge of Shiraz, Iran, in memory of the celebrated Persian poet Hafez) O/N Shiraz
Day 02


Full day tour in Shiraz, visiting: • Nasir almolk mosque (The Nasir al-Molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, is a traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran) • Eram Garden (Eram Garden is a historic Persian garden in Shiraz, Iran. The garden, and the building within it, are located at the northern shore of the Khoshk River in the Fars province) • Karim khan Citadel (The Karim Khan Castle is a citadel located in the downtown Shiraz, southern Iran. It was built as part of a complex during the Zand dynasty and is named after Karim Khan, and served as his living quarters. In shape it resembles a medieval fortress) • Vakil Mosque (The Vakil Mosque is a mosque in Shiraz, southern Iran, situated to the west of the Vakil Bazaar next to its entrance. This mosque was built between 1751 and1773, during the Zand period; however, it was restored in the 19th century during the the Qajar period) • Vakil Bazaar (Vakil Bazaar is the main bazaar of Shiraz, Iran, located in the historical enter of the city. It is thought that the market originally was established by the Buwayhids) • Quran Gate (Qur'an Gate is a historic gate in the north of Shiraz, Iran. It is located at the north-eastern entrance of the city, on the way to Marvdasht and Isfahan, between Baba Kouhi and Chehel Maqam Mountains near Allah-O-Akbar Gorge) O/N Shiraz
Day 03


Drive to Yazd, on the way visiting: Persepolis (Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenes Empire. It is situated 60 km northeast of the city of Shiraz in Fars Province, Iran. The earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC. It exemplifies the Achaemenes style of architecture) • Necropolis (A necropolis is a large, designed cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. The name stems from the Ancient Greek νεκρόπολις Necropolis, literally meaning "city of the dead") • Pasargadae (Pasargadae was the capital of the Achaemenes Empire under Cyrus the Great who had issued its construction; it was also the location of his tomb) Arrive at Yazd, Transfer to Hotel and Check in, visiting: • Jame Mosqu for Pray and visit Complex (that is the oldest example of the architecture that has been imitated in the religious architecture of the Yazd area during the 9th century AH). • Amir Chakmaq Complex (it is located on Square of the same name) O/N Yazd
Day 04

Yazd - Esfahan

Drive to Esfahan, through the way visiting: • Dolatabad Garden (This garden is one of the Iranian gardens registered in UNESCO, and also Badgir (wind Catcher) inside the garden is the tallest brick one in the world). • Zoroastrian fire temple (The Local Cellar is that the Zoroastrians from late to 40 years ago, their Dead in accordance with Culture and Customs and during special ceremonies Entered the Cellar) • Narin Castle (The oldest building made of Clay) Arrive Esfahan, transfer to hotel and check in • Sio se Pol Bridge (The Allah Verdi Khan Bridge, popularly known as Si-o-se-pol, is one of the eleven bridges in Isfahan, Iran) O/N Isfahan
Day 05


Full day tour in Isfahan, visiting: Chehel setoun palace (Chehel Sotoun is a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool, in Isfahan, Iran, built by Shah Abbas II to be used for his entertainment and receptions) • Nagsh-e Jahan square (Naqsh-e Jahan Square, is a square situated at the centre of Isfahan city, Iran. Constructed between 1598 and 1629, it is now an important historical site, and one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. It is 160 metres wide by 560 metres long) • Imam Mosque (The Shah Mosque, also known as Royal Mosque or Imam Mosque after Iranian revolution, is a mosque in Isfahan, Iran, standing in south side of Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Built during the Safavid Empire, ordered by Abbas I of Persia) • Aali Qapoo Palace (Built at the very end of the 16th century as a residence for Shah Abbas I, this six-storey palace also served as a monumental gateway to the royal palaces that lay in the parklands beyond (Ali Qapu means ‘Gate of Ali’). Named after Abbas ’hero, the Imam Ali, it was built to make an impression, and at six storeys and 38m tall, with its impressive elevated terrace featuring 18 slender columns, it dominates one side of Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Sq.) • Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque (Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture that was built during the Safavid Empire, standing on the eastern side of Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Esfahan, Iran) • Bazaar (The Grand Bazaar is a historical market located in Isfahan, Iran, also known as "Qeysarriyeh Bazaar") • Khajoo Bridge (Khaju Bridge is a bridge in the province of Isfahan, Iran, which has been described as the finest in the province. It was built by the Persian Safavid king, Shah Abbas II around 1650, on the foundations of an older bridge) O/N Isfahan
Day 06


Drive to Tehran, through the way visiting: • Agha bozorg’s Mosque & School (Construction of the building began during the reign of Mohammad shah Qajar and the first years of the reign of Naser al-Din shah ended) • Fin’s garden (The Fin’s garden is an example of Iranian gardens named after the UNESCO world heritage list) • Lady Masoumeh Holy Shrine (The Shrine of Fatima Masoumeh is located in Qom which is considered by Shia Muslims to be the second most sacred city in Iran after Mashhad. Fatima Masoumeh was the sister of the eighth Imam Reza and the daughter of the seventh Imam Musa al-Kadhim (Tabari 60)) Arrive Tehran and Transfer to hotel. O/N Tehran
Day 07


Full day tour in Tehran, and you will visit: • Golestan palace (One of the oldest historic monuments in the city of Tehran, and of world heritage status, the Golestan Palace belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran's arg ("citadel"). It consists of gardens, royal buildings, and collections of Iranian crafts and European presents from the 18th and 19th centuries.) • Grand Bazaar (The maze of bustling alleys and the bazaris (shopkeepers) that fill themmake this a fascinating, if somewhat daunting, a place to explore. Despite being known asthe Grand Bazaar, most of the architecture is less than 200 years old and pedestrian, although there are some gems to be found) • National museum (A 200-year-old precious stone-encrusted throne jewels from all over the world, a gem-studded 1869 globe, the world's largest pink diamond and other mind-boggling pieces make up the unusual collection at this historic museum. About the National Jewellery Treasury) • Nature Bridge (The Tabi'at Bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass built in Tehran, Iran. The 270-metre bridge connects two public parks—Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park—by spanning Modarres Expressway, one of the main highways in northern Tehran) O/N Tehran
Day 08

Tehran- Departure

After breakfast, transfer to Mehrabad Airport for the Domestic flight to Shiraz, after arriving Shiraz, transfer to hotel. Visiting: • Tomb of Ferdowsi (tomb complex composed of a white marble base, and a decorative edifice erected in honor of the Persian poet Ferdowsi located in Tus, Iran, in Razavi Khorasan province.) • Kooh-Sangi Complex (Kooh-Sangi is an urban public park in Mashhad, Iran.) • Emam Reza shrine (is a complex which contains the mausoleum of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Twelver Shiites. It is the largest mosque in the world by area. Also contained within the complex are the Goharshad Mosque, a museum, a library, four seminaries, a cemetery, the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences, a dining hall for pilgrims, vast prayer halls, and other buildings.) O/N Mashhad
Day 09


• Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam (is a modern monument of white marble erected over Omar Khayyam's tomb located in Omar Khayyam Square, Nishapur. • Torghabeh & Shandiz (is a city and capital of Torqabeh and Shandiz County, in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. One of its customary local foods is Dizi. Another common choice of food among the frequent visitors of the town is Shishlik, which is grilled lamb and T-bone accompanied by rice.) • Free time O/N Mashhad
Day 10

Mashhad - Departure

Transfer to Mashhad international airport for Departure and flight back home or fly back to Tehran Mehr Abad Airport then another transfer to IKA international Airport to take flight back.

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