Tourist from which countries, can visit Iran without visa?

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Currently, nationals from Bolivia, Venezuela, Serbia, Malaysia, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt are eligible to enter Iran without visa. Regulations might change through the time. Iran might add more to the list of Iran visa-free nationals in the future.

Travelers from the visa-free nations can visit Iran for the following number of days:

Armenia (90 Days)

Azerbaijan (30 Days)

Bolivia (30 Days)

Egypt (20 Days)

Georgia (45 Days)

Lebanon (30 Days)

Malaysia (15 Days)

Serbia (30 Days)

Turkey (90 Days)

Venezuela (15 Days)

Travelers from a visa-free country only need valid passport from their country of origin. Be aware that the passport must not have a stamp from Israel or exit stamps at Egyptian or Jordanian border crossings into or out of Israel, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the country.

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