The greatest world’s Adobe windmill in Nashtifan village

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Nashtifan windmills are the greatest Adobe structures’ rest of safavid reign. This era is well-known because of its old traditional constructions and beautiful views of windmills. The wood used in these windmills moves by wind’s power so the mills named windmills.

because of the specific geographical situation the area experience so strong storm during the year. For using the benefits of these natural winds, these mills constructed in several hundred years ago but today their bodies just remain. However, seeing the historical building and thinking about the old civilization of Iran shows that Iran has a strong civilization and historical inherited from many years ago.

Surrounded of this city there are some cemeteries which built based on Zoroaster religion. Some people believe these cemeteries belongs to the heads of Parthian valley. For showing the city’s authenticity, these mills built at entrance of the city for protecting from another attack invaders.

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