How Iranians Celebrate Christmas Eve

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Islam is the official religion of Iran, However, like other countries in the region, Armenian-Iranians celebrate Christmas. Around many Christians live in Iran today Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, and that his father is God. Most Christians in Iran have ancestors from Armenia, a country north of Iran, or Assyria, an ancient land that once stood to the west they live in cities such as Tehran, Uremia, Tabriz, and Isfahan. Every first December, Iranian Christians begin a fast. They eat no meat, eggs, milk, or cheese until Christmas Day. Iranian children celebrating Christmas receive new clothes, but rarely other gifts. Most of Christians are Iranian Armenians who celebrate Christmas in with friends and family members in churches throughout the country.
he festive mood, however, is not just limited to the Christian neighborhoods of Tehran, as some shops, especially those in the northern parts of the city, dedicate at least some section of their shop windows to decorations such as candy canes, snow globes and Santa Claus figures.
In recent years, during Christmas in Iran municipal authorities have also put up banners celebrating the birth of Jesus on many main streets and at the St. Sarkis Armenian Church on Villa Avenue, where a service is held every year.
Unlike other countries in the region where public celebration of Christmas is limited to hotels frequented by foreigners, there is no such restriction in Tehran during Christmas in Iran. The sale of Christmas ornaments, which during the first years of the Islamic Revolution was limited to Christian districts, can now be seen around town.
In fact, festive Christmas decoration and celebration take place throughout the country, specifically in major cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and even religious cities such as Mashhad.
We hold several interesting tours especially for Christmas that is full of attractions such as providing tree and making various delicious food and especial cake with candles in some hotel. People are gathering in one celebrate and have excited times and give gifts to each other. That is full of good memorized and so fantastic for each guest who travel to Iran for that time.

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