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Delightful Iran

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Chosen Tourist Destination

Long neglected by tourists, Iran has made a comeback tour Travel scene, being suddenly listed as a hot-travel destination. Booking trips to Iran are significantly increased recently. There are many reasons why you should visit Iran. Here, we look at the reasons which encourage you to put it as your next destination in your booking List.

Hospitable and Cheap

First of all, the vast majority of the country is safe and you would feel welcomed wherever you go. The people you will meet, are overwhelmingly friendly and hospitable as they would do their best to make you feel welcomed in the country. Also travelling to Iran will cost cheaper than most countries and it is a reasonable destination on the middle east.

Art and Culture

Iran is a spectacularly beautiful country filled with cultured gems and amazing natural landscapes. From ancient cities with breathtaking mosques to gorgeous landscapes and immaculate views to discover, you will find Iran a unique adventure. Sitting upon layers of history, Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations with historical and urban settlements dating back to seven thousand BC. You will get surprised to discover the riches the country has to offer including the 2500-years-old ruins at Persepolis, near Shiraz, 16-century Islamic architecture gems in Isfahan, the ancient mosques with Incredible architecture covered by the most complex mosaic designs and structures with the Nasirolmolk (pink mosque) Shiraz, being one of the most amazing ones. there are many natural wonders in Iran, from mountains to desserts, forests and caves offering the demanding travelers a wealth of inspiring.

Diversity of Delicious Foods

In addition, you may find the Persian foods tasty and appetizing like Kebab, Mirza ghasemi, Kashk e Bademjan and Ghorme sabzi. finally, whenever you travel to Iran, you will defiantly get back home with lovely gifts and souvenirs like Persian carpet, Handy crafts, saffron, caviar, pistachios for your family and friends. So, do not hesitate and put Iran in the list of the countries you want to visit in the future and enjoy your trip.