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The greatest world’s Adobe windmill in Nashtifan village

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Nashtifan windmills are the greatest Adobe structures’ rest of safavid reign. This era is well-known because of its old traditional constructions and beautiful views of windmills. The wood used in these windmills moves by wind’s power so the mills named windmills.

because of the specific geographical situation the area experience so strong storm during the year. For using the benefits of these natural winds, these mills constructed in several hundred years ago but today their bodies just remain. However, seeing the historical building and thinking about the old civilization of Iran shows that Iran has a strong civilization and historical inherited from many years ago.

Surrounded of this city there are some cemeteries which built based on Zoroaster religion. Some people believe these cemeteries belongs to the heads of Parthian valley. For showing the city’s authenticity, these mills built at entrance of the city for protecting from another attack invaders.

UNESCO Adds Iran’s Hyrcanian Forests to list of World Heritage Sites

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UNESCO has voted to add Iran’s Hyrcanian forests and Iraq’s Mesopotamian metropolis of Babylon to its list of World Heritage Sites. The announcement was made by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization on July 5 in Baku, where the World Heritage Committee met.

In making the announcement on July 5, UNESCO said the “floristic biodiversity” of the ancient Hyrcanian forests in the north of Iran is “remarkable.”UNESCO said the forests run some 850 kilometers along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. They date back up to 25 to 50 million years, it said, and are home to the Persian Leopard, nearly 57 other mammal species, and 180 bird species.
The forests were just one of two natural sites added to the UNESCO list on July 5, with the other in China.

Iran also has 22 cultural sites on the World Heritage List, including the jewel of the first Persian empire, Persepolis. UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites beginning in 1978 as part of efforts to preserve the world’s cultural and natural heritage. There are nearly 1,100 sites on the list.

Based on reporting by AFP and AP

Aladaghlar the Colorful Mountain

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Human-made things which are colorful are attractive, but what about natural objects? In fact, there are some beautiful phenomena around us which are beautiful just for themselves like rainbow. Aladaglar Mountains in East Azerbaijan province of Iran is one of the masterpieces of nature. Art of nature for painting the mountains is admirable.

Aladaglar Mountains are located in Mianeh road near East Azerbaijan province. When you are passing the road, the nature surprises you with its masterpiece.

Yes, mountains with different colors. These mountains can be found in Zanjan and also can be seen in Mianeh city. Age of Aladaglar mountains date back to 15 million years ago.

When the hands of a great artist touch the paintbrush, the spectra of his color feast cannot be counted. In a distance not too far, God’s tableaus can be seen with soul and heart.

source: Dorna Trip

Beauties of Badab Sourt

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Badab e sourt is a travertine water spring stairs in Iran and is the second salty spring in the world after Pamukkaleh in Turkish. It’s located in a village of Sary in Mazandaran province named Orost. The spring registered in UNESCO as second Natural Heritage of Iran after Damavand Mountain in 2009.

The unique spring located at 1841 above sea level, surrounded of spring covered by wild barberry shrubs and in higher altitudes covered by jungles of needle leafs plants.

This spring includes several water springs which are different in color, taste and amount of water. One of the spring has a large amount of water with a pool by high depth and 15 meters width.

The second spring which located at upstream and west northern of this spring is sour with red or orange water color. There is some iron sediment around the spring. Flow of sedimentary and mineral water of this spring in downstream slopes create many floors and so beautiful pond stairs with orange, yellow and red colors in difference size after all these years.

These ponds actually are main attractions and individually characters of Badab e sourt springs. The beauty of these floors and the locations in mountain domain and surrounding perspectives are admirable especially in sunset. These springs due to geology complex structure in the worst situation of environment is watery.