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Historical ancient castle of Meybod

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Narin Ghal-eh which called Narenj Castle in conversational language, is one of the most important monuments of the province dating back to the period before the advent of Islam to Iran, and has been recorded as one of the national buildings. This ancient castle has been constructed on the top of Galeen hill and overlooks the city. It seems that upper floors of the building have been reconstructed and belong to the Islamic era. The castle was used by soldiers who provided an armed escort for passing caravans among the silk route by charging a tax for their services. The view from the top of the castle gives an interesting view of the town of Meybod and shows how the growing population of the citadel spilt beyond the castle walls.

Salsaal Castle in Hareh Dasht

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Salsaal Lisar Castle, Talesh

Salsaal Castle (Salsaal-Lisar Castle) located on a hill in the Hareh Dasht region, 18 km. from Talesh. It is constructed of stone, mortar, a kind of white mortar and brick. This magnificent structure is relevant to the Saljuqi period. It comprises of an alcove, sentry picket, water reservoir and stable. Its mode of architecture is indicative of an ancient culture and civilization in the region. From the point of tourism and historical researches this historical castle is very important.
Lisar is composed of several villages and a downtown. Lisar was occupied by Allies for several years during World War II. The majority of people speak Taleshi;Azeri and Persian are also rarely spoken. Agriculture and animal husbandry and fishing are main occupations of Lisar’s inhabitants. Salsal castle is the main historical monument of Lisar.